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The first Riyadh Plastic Factory was founded in 1974 as one of Abdul Mohsin Al Hokair & Sons Group - Riyadh.

  • Now is one of the pioneers & leaders in Plastic Manufacturing.
  • We Believe in Quality Products.
  • Result of Management and factory staff efforts obtained high quality, excellent service & honesty dealing with our customers pushed for development to contain, plastic film factory PE & PP | Injection & Blow molding factory | Recycle factory and E.P.S. foam cup factory which led to high production. Read More


We are giving more services with more hyigenic plastic products and also we are doing our best with high quality in Blow Molding products even more.


Here we have Agriculture Products with wide variety of products and services where we make high quality agriculture products for your satisfaction.

Blow Molding

We have qualified stuff to help in molds choice and to be responsible in molds manufacturing. We have more molding products which includes bottles, caps, lids etc.


Our bags for hyienic are manufactured with three layers co-extruded film and new generation of pre-compressed diapers for a better packing.


Always we give priorities to our quality to provide our customer with high quality products where we also familiar with catering products.


Our Company's strategic vision is strongly driven by our customers’ needs. We are committed to fulfilling these needs and building long-term customer loyalty. We listen carefully to what are customers are telling us and tailor our deliverables to the customer’s individualized needs.

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